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Heartland Shakedown

by The Plain Mosaic

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Intro 00:22
Class 02:37
Ya honey I've got class And maybe you need to learn To raise your hand To wait your turn Take a little time Try to learn my plan Let's work together Won't cha be my man? Cause I go to work to support myself And when I come home at night I've got no need to be cookin beans For a man who don't do right I've never carried a gun I don't see the point But you can keep your arms I'm gonna keep my joint And you can drive your truck And I'm gonna ride in your truck O we're young and in love We don't give a fuck
I wear a red ring on my pinky To keep the ghost away But when the howling interrupts my thinking I remember why I pray It's a ghost town kind of city But everyone looks so clean The women all are pretty But they're haunted underneath I'm not one for superstitions Ain't much of a drinker But I do love beer and coffee and tea There's plenty for me And I step over the crack at the floor of the elevator Maybe I'm afraid of heights And when I travel sometimes I don't sleep at night I just sing that I am alone and I am looking for a place to go I don't have much money but I've sure got a lot to show I've got tea from Mississippi and I've got wine from Southern France I've got a voice that ain't quite pretty and two feet that can't quite dance Have you been to Oklahoma? It's the land of bright red wounds I want a big ole house with lots of land And a view for the oil boom I want bedsheets made of velvet For my girl with satin skin I want an angel up in heaven to drink away my sin And it would slur its Hallelujahs And fly in curly Q's And it would always be remembered as the guardian angel of booze And start singing I saved your soul with all this drinking from my bowl The blood of all our saviors babe the blood that makes me whole One for all your lying Two for your Achilles rage The pearly gates are saloon doors there's a piano and a stage And maybe after hanging round with jet right out of here Or maybe I can stay a while I hear the weather's fine And the team's supposed to have a helluva year
She Tells Me 03:29
She tells me that I'm her man But she won't even hold my hand Smokin in the middle of a storm Just to keep her fingers warm She asks me for a cup of tea But never says, 'Baby, put your arms around me.' She's always makin me do all of the dishes Just tellin me (tellin me) that 'I ain't no missus!' She tells me that I'm her man But she won't even hold my hand Smokin in the middle of a storm Just to keep her fingers warm If you speak stupid or ill she's gonna set you right That's why I love her, cause she's smart and kind Ya I'm a sensitive guy in a rocknroll band And baby I just want to hold your She tells me that I'm her man But she won't even hold my hand Smokin in the middle of a storm Just to keep her fingers warm
Move Slow 05:15
Move slow you're going too fast Move slow I know you've been in one place for too long But it's time to pack up and go so don't think you're special Move slow You go so fast when you fly Oh why don't you stay a while? So I can get down with the physics of you Your sense of time is condensed Your logic doesn't make sense And it's harder to put you down Than to pick you up I used to know how to keep up I used to know the feelin Time bouncing off of me Moments to sweep up later But I haven't kept track of the dust in the corners And something is bothering my sense of order So I guess that won't work anymore I don't even care if you stay or you leave Cause all that I want is a more constant speed to things So I can soak in the physics of you Just give me something to hold on to
Sometimes 03:49
Sometimes I sing about getting older Sometimes I sing about the 4th of July And though my favorite songs have changed All of them can always make me cry Sometimes I run to keep me healthy Sometimes I run into your arms I'll never run out of my love For those who keep me out of harm Sometimes I pray for sheets of rain Sometimes I pray that the sun will shine all day And that the night will never fall But mostly I don't pray at all I always try to keep a gladness in my heart But so many times my world just falls apart Ya the moon disappears and I don't hear the birds in the morning Is this a warning? Is this the end? Is this the end? Is this the end? And in the end is it really over?
Harp Intro 01:00
Comedrink 04:07
The tapestry unfurls in the storied hall, a vision of our time kept on display for kings and beggars. A pageant of light proceeds through the hall of dreams Giving it all they've got, the magi and the magistrate call ritualistically, they call, "Come now, drink this potion. It will cure you of question." Cut into stone, the truth is hidden deep, hidden deep or maybe just underneath (who knows) the surface lies a secret so severe, it haunts the world. Listen! Close at hand is the word of power. Power lurks. Power lurks beneath the mantle, with the marrow of the earth. It lurks so, Come now, drink its poisoned waters. It will cure you of question. Come now, drink my poison. It will cure you of question.
Your woman gets her legs from the sock hop, and your arms are the best jukeboxes in these hick bars. I can tell you that someone will warble for you when you die, turning the stereo up in their postered bedroom. Cowskins hang from all your head-bobbing babes their hair paraded in Mustangs. You’ve got these sidling infantile blondies and headstrong sirens draped upon your slumping shoulders. I can tell that someone will cover for you when the pills go missing and you with them. It’s hard to see these tiny waists and skinny ties and not see the singular way one arm drapes around another’s body. But when you’re six feet deep a woman will still cream for you on the radio. It’s easy: Vodka poured over your plugged-in guitar. Elvis’s Pelvis ain’t got nothin’ on yours Those cigarette-leg jeans silhouette each leg in black denim. I can tell that death won’t stop you in your tracks. Sipping martini after martini, tossing glass after glass in a frantic attempt to get better with time. I might tell you that one more drink won’t make it better. But one more drink will get you where you want to go
Ophelia 00:20
Ophelia Ophelia
Moon 04:49
Moon, oh moon, sweet moon Hover closer to me Oh moon, sweetest moon I can feel your gravity The water's rough but not enough to keep me from getting to you, moon Ladder up Earth is down Suddenly I'm turned around Oh moon, oh moon, Oh moon, oh moon Almost there I'm in the air Reel me in, don't let me go Earth is up, My moon below spinning round from head to toe
Sometimes I'm a shit Like a really big shit But other times I'm pretty cool And awesome sauce Sometimes I'm pretty funny But sometimes I'm not that funny And I don't make sense Mostly I'm really lazy and unmotivated But sometimes I'm very efficient and goal-oriented Sometimes I feel real good But can overdo it Sometimes I feel bad for myself Overall I think things are pretty okay The future's a little scary but it's coming at us either way I'm not sure where things are going But there are some neat options I feel good about it, mostly


Most of this album was tracked in a single weekend in an Omaha basement called Yorick Studio.

The idea was simple: assemble a crew of friendmusicians to create an exploratory album that captures the ethos of both the individual songwriters and of their collective community.

Through a highly DIY and sometimes scatter-brained collaborative process, the ensemble crafted a wildly eclectic album that leaves no sonic stone unturned. Their diverse tastes and backgrounds ensure a pleasing listening experience for an equally diverse audience.


released November 24, 2017

Written and arranged by The Plain Mosaic
Recorded and produced by Christopher the Conquered

Justin Carter (guitar, keys, vocals)
Katie In (guitar, keys, vocals, arranging)
Erik Jarvis (keys, guitar, vocals, arranging)
Kat Jarvis (vocals)
Caleb Neubauer (vocals)
Phill Smith (drums, arranging, talking)

Samuel Bertino (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Tim Houston (trumpet)
Christine Peters (flute)
Pat Peters (trombone)
Andy Poppin (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Austin Sailors (tenor sax)

Robert Espe (violin)
Michael Frederickson (bass)
Sara Goplin (violin)
HD Harmsen (bass)
Julia Immel (viola)
Patrick Riley (cello, string contracting)
Laurel Tuggle (harp)
Gretchen Theesfield (violin)
Axelle Verboon (viola)
Alex VanDorpe (cello)
Hanna Wolle (violin)

Additional percussion by Drew Selim; additional vocals by Christopher Ford

Additional lyrics by Kelly Marie Musselman ("Where You Wanna Go") and A.J. Johnson ("Sometimes (Mostly)")

Recorded at Yorick Studio in Omaha, NE; additional recording at Christopher Ford's house in Des Moines, IA, and at Grin City Collective in Grinnell, IA

Mixed by Patrick Stolley and Christopher Ford at Futureappletree Studio Too in Rock Island, IL

Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering in Omaha, NE

Heartland Shakedown © 2016 by The Plain Mosaic

Art direction and design by Katie In and Caleb Neubauer
"Voor" font by Renato Forster

Special thank you to Patrick Tape Fleming for the use of his tape machine, Joe Lacina and Molly Rideout for the farm studios, Kamal Hammouda for his bread and so much more, and all of our generous supporters who made this album possible

Additional media at theplainmosaic.com


all rights reserved



The Plain Mosaic Grinnell, Iowa

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